Congratulations on your marriage. Congratulations on your divorce. Congratulations on your single life.Today is my 40th wedding anniversary. I have been lucky in love. After four decades, I am fortunate to be able to say that no matter where I am, I am at home if I am with David Winkler-Morey. If you have congratulations for me, I accept them joyfully, and extend them back to you.

Congratulations for those accolades. Congratulations for pursuing what you love without the recognition.Congratulations on your degree. Congratulations for persevering after you quit your degree plan. Congratulations for that life without schooling.  

Congratulations for that sober day, week, years; for loving through addiction.

Congratulations and thank you for surviving, your hard childhood, that abuse, the bullying, those prison years, that war, that lousy job, no work, homelessness, the death of a loved one, that singular heartache.You deserve better. The sunrise is for you.