Desmond Tutu, and the Promise and Human Limits of Forgiveness

by | Dec 26, 2021 | Blog, PTSD and Historical Trauma

Rest, Desmond Tutu.
Today I am thinking about an interview I saw with you and Bill Moyers. You talked about truth and reconciliation in South Africa and the power of forgiveness for the person who has been wronged. Then Moyers asked you about your childhood. Your tone changed. The wise and forgiving elder stepped aside and the child, still hurting, still in the trauma, emerged. As you described how your father abused your mother, the anger was fresh. 
Today I’d just like to say to you: rest. You led the world. And you were hurt. No-one can hurt you now.
And to those of us, still in the earthly realm, who think we should forgive, but have not yet been able to:
 Let’s forgive ourselves.