Literary Pairing #2: We are Meant to Rise & The Sentence

The Twin Cities are rising. Teachers in Minneapolis and St. Paul are wearing each other’s colors in solidarity as they prepare for a two-city strike, demanding raises for their lowest tier educational support professionals, retention of teachers of color, mental...

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Super Spreading Social Justice

I have been thinking about super-spreader events.

Not the kind that makes hundreds of people sick, but the kinds that transform lives in a good way.

An early one that changed me was the 1979 Take Back the Night March in Minneapolis. The event consisted of a rally in Loring Park and a march down Hennepin Avenue. I was scared to go. I thought we would not be safe marching down Hennepin. My experience with that thoroughfare had been a gauntlet of taunts and grabs.

I was scared, but I went, by myself.

At the rally, organizers circulated with sashes for us to wear, screen-printed with the words, “I survived a rape,” or “I survived an assault.” We chanted slogans and heard speeches that preached that it is never our fault, that we don’t deserve to have these tortures happens to us, that we are strong, that we deserve to walk and dance and sit and be in the night without fear.

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