State by State

A geographical guide to films and other resources on the thirty-one US states, two Mexican states and two Canadian Provinces, traversed in Allegiance to Winds and Waters.


Wisconsin Uprising of 2011
We Are Wisconsin
Divided We Fall

Wisconsin and the Vietnam War
The War at Home

Eight Hour Day Struggle in Milwaukee 1886
The Bay View Tragedy

The Great Recession in Wisconsin
As Goes Janesville


Migrant Farm Workers in Michigan
The Harvest

Auto Workers
Roger and Me
The Sit Down Strike


Cleveland: building the public domain
Tom L. Johnson: America’s Best Mayor

Police brutality in Cleveland
State of Injustice

Fighting Racism in Bowling Green Ohio
Not In Our Town

North East Pennsylvania

“The most beautiful place in the world.”
Welcome to North East, Pennsylvania


Jaws takes place on Martha’s Vineyard
Jaws 49th Anniversary

Summer of Mesa on Cape Cod

She’s Gotta Have It TV Series has scenes on Martha’s Vineyard

Goodwill Hunting filmed in Toronto, but takes place in Boston

A Reckoning in Boston

Upstate New York

An example of the role Hollywood played in dehumanizing Indigenous people and putting forth the myth of an empty country awaiting discovery. It is also a love story to the Erie Canal. Made in 1935.
The Farmer Takes a Wife

Rhode Island

Slavery and Brown University
Sons of Providence

Reparations Campaign for Brown University

New England

Cider House Rules



Underground Railroad in St Augustine

Chattahoochee Prison for the Mentally Ill

True Lies: featuring the Key’s Seven Mile Bridge

Fort Lauderdale