Bookstores are political. Today there are the those that have banned-book clubs and offer space to Trans support groups. They feature the works of Black, Indigenous, Latine and LGBTQ authors and subjects. “Labor” is a section, and so is “AAPI.” Genocide is a fact of history, and children can learn about menstruation in a book.
And then there are the ones where People of Color are absent, all characters are straight, personal failings are big and social struggle is not.
And then there the ones who think they can be “neutral on this moving train.” (Zinn). You can get every Stephen King book written, there.
Some communities support multiple independent bookstores. In others, one Feminist bookstore struggles to stay open three hours a week. This big weekend for shopping, support your independent bookstore.
Common Ground Books, in Tallahassee is open Tuesday-Sunday.  I will be reading excepts of Allegiance to Winds and Waters and signing books there on Saturday, December 10, 2:30-4pm