The Curses of Nationalism: Meditations on Passover

Below is an article I wrote 21 years ago, with some edits. At the time my byline read: Anne Winkler-Morey teaches History and Chicano Studies at the University of Minnesota and Macalester College. _______________ APRIL 12, 2002 The Curses of Nationalism BY ANNE...

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The Aspiring Intersectional Feminist Traveler

I am preparing to be interviewed by the Intrepid Traveler. That caused me to consider, what kind of traveler am I? I am not intrepid. I travel loaded with fears and cautions. I think I am an aspiring Intersectional Feminist Traveler. What does it mean to be an...

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A River Needs No Flag

During fourteen months of touring on a bicycle, I observed the way people were tied to place. The love of a hill, ravine, lake, field,  city neighborhood, prairie, mountain or forest, seemed bone-level. People showed us this love by showing off their places, wanting us to see their communities through their eyes.

This love of place does not require armies or borders.

Homeland that needs security is manufactured, needing recruiters, slogans, flags and songs to make it real, convincing us we need ICBMs or drones. A river needs no flag. Nor does the culture that develops on its shores. It just needs people to love it and share how it is like no other.

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